A free and open source dialogue graph editor and text based dialogue system for Unity3d.

Dialogue Editor Application

The application runs on windows and uses .NET framework 4.0. It is free, open source software, released under the GPLv3.0 licence.

Current Features
  • Integrated spell check, dictionary and thesaurus. (Courtesy of i00 Spell Check.)
  • Dialogue graph files are saved in the human-readable JSON format.
  • Your dialogue isn't restricted to a tree structure; your graphs can loop back on themselves.
  • The program can traverse your dialogue graph, as though it were a tree, either forward or backward, clearly splitting the results into their different levels.
  • Search function: You can search in NPC text, player text or in both fields, choosing to match the whole search phrase and/or match case.
  • Nodes can be sorted by the number of 'null choices', those that don't point to a desitnation node and/or contain no text.
Planned Features/Changes
  • Ability to set a property indicating whether each choice or node is visible/accessible default
  • Find and replace function (external text editor sufficient for now)

* The i00 Spellcheck project may need to be included in you Visual Studio solution for spellcheck to work.




The Unity3d Dialogue System

This is a bare-bones dialogue system for Unity3d released under a MIT licence.

Current Features
  • Custom GUI.
  • Dialogue choices can be made by pressing number keys.
Planned Features/Changes
  • Event handling based on dialogue choices.
  • Choices and/or nodes can be hidden and revealed based on in-game events.