I have effectively finished the second year of my BA, and can resume work on an unrelated project: Switch. I started Swich during my leave of absence last year and after re-enrolling I have been torn between my art and interactive storytelling practices, to the detriment of both, I suspect.

This is how I left Switch:

Screen-shot of Switch as of 29/05/2012

I'm not happy with most of the dialogue. The above seems too prolix, imprecise and metaphorical. While this may have been my intention, I now hope to achieve something similar by referring mainly to specific events and experiences. Of course, I need a good application to edit the dialogue script. I have considered returning to the general web-based JSON editor I used before, but have instead resolved to write my own in Visual Studio. This should teach me a lot and make my writing process a bit less clunky. It is especially convenient considering that most of the worked examples in the book on C# and object oriented programming sitting on my desk are in the Visual Studio environment.

Here is my first messy sketch for the application:

Low quality image of sketch for user interface and data structure of dialogue editing application.

Humble origins, I know. However, since this is the only task I've set myself other than finishing up this semester's animation and research for my dissertation, I think I stand a fair chance of pulling it off.