I posted some time ago about the dialogue system for Unity I am working on. I have made some progress since that post, and now have a system in place for importing dialogue information from external files. Namely, humble TXT files, using the fairly simple JSON format.

At present, I can enter data in a text editor, save it, and the rest is automated. This is almost a viable way of authoring content, but for two problems.

The first of these is human error: I might miss a comma here or accidentally enter an extra brace there, rendering at least part of the file unreadable. The second problem is that this method renders the writing process fiddly and slow. Any sudden burst of activity on my part might be stymied by my endless, repetitive copy/paste operations and double checking for errors. Ideally, any repetitive work which favours consistency is carried out by a machine.

I may be forced to bite the bullet and put most of my effort into writing a decent editor for my files. This will mean getting my head around Windows forms or something similar and may stretch my minimal coding skills. I can always work on my files in a text editor until I build or find something better.