A psychedelic TPE (Third Person Eater), this game allows you to liberate your inner hedonist as you consume mountains of food and handfuls of magical reality-altering pills (oh, and teacups).

Play as one of four unique characters, each with their own distinctive wardrobe and background music.



Use your cursor to control your character’s horizontal movement, as they catch falling food and other objects. While a mouse would be preferable, a touch-pad would work well enough.


  • Unlocking the Doors of Perception: Use both types of pills to reach both the highest and lowest time speeds within a single game. Reward: +50 to your score multiplier.
  • Vom Nom Nom: Swallow every object ejected from your funnel when your belly gets too full. Reward: +15 to your score multiplier.
  • Impulse Control Get a score multiplier of 25, by avoiding gorging yourself sick.
  • Discipline Get a score multiplier of 50, by consistently controlling your intake.
  • Asceticism Get a score multiplier of 75, by shunning excess in worldly pleasures.